The Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine provides a large number of buses to transport students of summer Quranic courses

The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine provided more than (50) air-conditioned buses to transport students of the summer Quranic courses project held by the scientific complex of the Holy Quran.

Buses are used to transport students of summer Quranic courses from their residential areas to the Al-Ameed educational group, and then return them after receiving the Quranic lessons of the project.

The Holy Quran Institute of the complex assigned an observer with each bus to ensure the safe arrival of students and organize their transportation smoothly and safely.

The services provided by the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine for the project include education, books, meals, promotional gifts, transportation and other services.

The scope of the Quranic project has expanded significantly to include (12) provinces, namely the Holy Karbala, Baghdad, Najaf Al-Ashraf, Babylon, Diwaniyah, Muthanna, Wasit, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Kirkuk, Salah al-Din and Diyala.

More than 54.000 students are participating in the project and are receiving various lessons, and the organizing committee of the project was keen to provide an appropriate educational environment that takes into account learners in various aspects, including psychological, educational, and physical, in order to achieve the goals of the project seeking to invest the summer holidays with useful programs.
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