Al-Kafeel Printing House, a landmark that is working hard to revive the phrase (Made in Iraq)

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The staff of Al-Kafeel house for printing, publishing and distribution at the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine, with its advanced means and technologies, is working to revive the phrase (Made in Iraq).

The production lines of the House were diversified and it began to manufacture notebooks, using the types of paper that have obtained international quality standards (ISO 9001), thus achieving that is the first of its kind in Iraq, in addition to printing millions of copies annually of methodological books for the benefit of the Iraqi Ministry of education, in support of the educational process in Iraq.

The house, which opened in 2013, was keen to set international standards in its work, based on the quality of the product and the consequences it carries, so it sought to put among its priorities the preservation of the environment using environmentally friendly inks extracted from the peel of some fruits, and the proportion of harmful chemicals in them is very little or not existing, in order to preserve the health of the reader.

In the corona pandemic that swept the world, the staff of the House manufactured protective face masks, in order to support the health staff, civil defense and security forces working within the crisis cell to limit the spread of the virus, as the masks were made within technical and engineering specifications exactly matching the required specifications, by the crisis cell at the Iraqi Ministry of Health at the time.

In completion of the vision set by the House and with the support of the holy shrine administration, the House Administration has developed new production lines for the production of paper cups and other special production of medicine boxes that are included in the paper products, to supply the local market with the national product and as part of its continuous endeavor to revive the phrase (Made in Iraq).
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