At the Al-Kafeel Hospital: A special operation that saved a patient's life and restored his limb mobility

A medical team at the Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala succeeded in saving a 64-year-old patient from paralysis.

The specialist of neurosurgery at the hospital, Dr. Khaled al-Sarraj, said that " a 64-year-old patient visited the hospital suffering from weakness in his limbs, and after conducting the necessary tests and taking radiographs showed a fracture in the first thoracic vertebra, causing him severe pressure on the spinal cord, pointing out that worsening the condition may lead to paralysis."

According to al-Sarraj, the patient underwent the operation of fixing the seventh cervical vertebra with the first thoracic vertebra, and lifting the pressure from the spinal cord, indicating that the operation was complicated because the injured vertebra was deviated from its place, which required surgical intervention from the chest area to fix it and return it to its place.
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