Al-Abbas's (P) Shrine continues construction of the second secondary Al-Kafeel power station

The Engineering Projects Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues the construction of the second secondary Al-Kafeel power station with an area of 5500 m, on the Baghdad-Karbala axis.

Engineer Mohammed Jafar al-Saadi, one of the supervisors of the site, said that "the completion rates of civil works at the conversion station reached about 30%, while the electrical works reached about 20%, as the work on the project started 4 months ago, and it is in continuous progress".

"We have started laying high-load electric cables at a distance of 4 kilometers, out of 18 kilometers, and work is still ongoing to complete them as quickly as possible,"he added.

Al-Saadi explained that after the completion of the construction of the building, it will be equipped with electrical transformers with a capacity of 33/11 KV, explaining," the plans include the presence of two control centers, one of them has an area of 280 m2, and contains control rooms and information, as well as a base for Transformers within the public space of the station."

The work at the station was carried out after taking the approvals of the Ministry of electricity and the Karbala electricity department and within the specifications, to benefit from its services the center of the Old City and its outskirts, according to Saadi.
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