Engineering Projects Department: We produce construction materials according to international standards

The Engineering Projects Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine works to supply the local market with the production of various construction materials according to international quality standards.

Engineer Bassam al-Hachimi, director of the construction industries site of the Department, said that "the site comes within the strategic and service projects, which work to cover the projects of the Holy Shrine, and supply the local markets with various construction materials, according to international quality standards".

He added, " the site includes lines for the production of light and heavy blocks, at 1400 blocks per hour, and another for the production of concrete producing 120 cubic meters per hour, in addition to the muqarnas tile production line with a production capacity of 140 square meters per hour, as well as the production lines of curbstone and other," explaining that "all the products produced within the construction industries site are of high quality, subject to international quality standards, as well as quality inspection of raw materials used in production.

According to Al-Hashimi, the site is working on "puting a development plan to increase the production of the plant, from building materials and construction industries, to supply local markets and urban expansion in the projects of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, in addition to absorbing as many youth energies and manpower as possible".
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