Al-Kafeel University adopts the electronic monitoring system and codes for students ' places in the final exams

Al-Kafeel University, affiliated to the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, has adopted the electronic monitoring system and codes for students ' places in the final exams, which are currently taking place in a suitable atmosphere for students.

The dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University, Dr. Samer Mahdi al-Hakak, said that "students' exams are conducted in an appropriate atmosphere through (12) classrooms and two halls with the provision of all amenities and air conditioning for the student."

He added that "the exam centers are distinguished by the presence of an exam map published 24 hours before the exam, as it allows the student to perform each exam in a different hall and he can identify his seat through his own code to maintain sobriety exam".

For his part, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University, Mr. Ali Jassim al-Amiri, said that "there are central and sub-committees in the colleges that handle the follow-up process, sealing and auditing books, withdrawing questions, keeping the Grade record, holding periodic meetings before the start of exams, as well as setting up training courses for members of the examination committees and observers to prepare them for exams.

He added that"the exam process witnesses the adoption of a remote electronic monitoring system through the advanced monitoring and control center owned by Al-Kafeel University to ensure the safety of exams".
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