Treating a heart deformity for a 7-month-old baby at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital has successfully closed the heart hole of an infant from the Down syndrome category.

The specialist of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Indian doctor, Dr. Mustafa Jaleel "We successfully operated on a 7-month-old baby from the category of Down syndrome, and we diagnosed through tests that he had an opening in the heart (between the ventricles), and required surgical intervention".

He added,"We deliberately closed the heart opening using a kind of patch, and it was completed without any complications, and it was confirmed that it was closed after the operation by Echo examination and pressure measurements".

He stressed that"the baby's health situation is stable and he left the hospital a few days later and he is in good health, and that these operations are being carried out in cooperation between Apollo Hospital in India and Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala, through a joint (Iraqi-Indian) surgical team".
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