Continuous services provided by the procession of the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine for visitors to Kadhemiya

The annual procession of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues to provide its various services to visitors around the clock, on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Mohammad al-Jawad(peace be upon him) in the city of Kadhemiya.

The procession offers the visitors of Imam Al-Jawad(peace be upon him) cold water and food, in addition to providing places to accommodate visitors in the city of Kadhemiya, as well as cleaning work.

The procession includes a number of departments of the holy shrine, which began its work four days ago, through its services provided from an early hour to serve visitors, and continues until the end of the Ziyarat.

The plan for this year included the provision of (10) coaster buses to transport visitors within the city of Kadhemiya, and more than (10,000) water boxes. And the Service Affairs Department is working on providing ice, in addition to many service matters with the organization of visitors and processions' traffic, while the Host Department provides a mobile oven with meals for visitors.

It is worth noting that the Al-Abbas's(p) holy shrine developed a special plan to serve visitors arriving to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Muohammad Al-Jawad (peace be upon him) in the city of Kadhemiya.
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