Successful operation to repair a congenital malformation of a baby girl at Al-Kafeel Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super speciality Hospital in Karbala has successfully performed an operation to repair a birth defect of a four-month-old baby girl suffering from cleft lip and uvula.

The specialist of Maxillofacial Surgery at the hospital, Dr. Radwan al-Taie, said that "we performed a special operation for a four-month-old baby suffering from a birth defect (cleft lip and uvula), indicating that the operation included repairing that deformity for the baby".

"Congenital cleft lip and uvula repair is a surgical operation to repair or reshape the patient's mouth, in which the abnormal cleft connecting the oral cavity to the nose is closed,"he added.

According to Al-Tai, " this operation helps the patient to communicate, speak, swallow and breathe normally and works on the growth of the mouth parts in their natural shape and reach a harmonious appearance of the face ".
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