A Delegation from the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has visited Volunteers Military Units in the city of 'Amiriyat Al-Fallujah, and gave them logistical support..

A delegation from the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has visited front lines of the battlefronts, namely in the 'Amiriyat Al-Fallujah area (Al-'Annaz), where is the garrison of a regiment of the volunteers in the army from the city of Rumaythah in the Muthanna province.

This visit comes so that the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine communicates with the fighters on the battlefield and to provide them with moral and logistical support.

During its visit, the delegation was briefed about what are doing these military units that are composed of volunteers who have answered the call of the Supreme Religious Authority to defend Iraq and its sanctities, to fight the enemies of the outsiders who crossed the borders to kill, to obliterate the authentic Iraqi identity and to dismantle the national cohesion.

The delegation has presented the banner of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) to this regiment to rise high in its headquarters. In order to inspire them the determination, fortitude and sacrifice.

For his part, Mr. Hameed Al-Yasiri the supervisor of this regiment explained to the Al-Kafeel Global network:"After the issuance of the advisory opinion (fatwa) of the Supreme Religious Authority for the Jihad, the sons of the city of Rumaythah volunteered themselves to defend the land and people of Iraq, and we promise to the religious authority that we will be loyal soldiers, and -God willing- we will not leave any inch of the land of Iraq under the control of these extremist groups." Adding: "Our coming from the city of Rumaythah in the province of Muthanna in the south of Iraq to the city of 'Amiriyah Al-Fallujah to fight and defend this Iraqi city, is only evidence that Iraq's land and people are one."

In fact, the aim of these visits is to provide moral and logistical support to these units, as the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy shrine proceeded to provide them with some dry food as rice, pulses and vegetable oil as well as mineral water and juices.

It is worth mentioning that both holy shrines of Imam Al-Hussayn and Al-Abbas (peace be upon them) and since the issuance of the advisory opinion (fatwa) of the Supreme Religious Authority for the sufficient duty (wujub Kifa'i) of jihad, begun to provide logistical support to the military segments of the army and volunteers, in addition to the displaced families from their home areas within the available resources. The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine also announced earlier its readiness to receive the Christian displaced families from the province of Ninawa.
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