Al-Kafeel Hospital continues to perform heart operations for health ministry patients

The Cardiac Surgery Center at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital has revealed that it has performed open heart operations for a new batch of patients of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Ahmad Aboudi, director of the center, said, "We have recently succeeded in repairing the congenital heart defect of an infant girl from Muthanna governorate, who has a complex congenital heart defect (tetralogy of Fallot), as she suffers from a small size of the pulmonary arteries with severe cyanosis that leads to a state of loss of consciousness repeatedly.

He explained that this child came as part of the medical program with the Ministry of Health, and she was examined, and we decided to undergo surgery to repair the heart deformity, indicating that the operation was successful and the child was then transferred to the intensive care ward to remain under observation for days, and then transferred to the usual rest Ward and then leave the hospital with her parents.

The director of the Cardiac Surgery Center noted that the operations performed at the hospital for this batch of medical recruitment for the Ministry reach about (25) children from different governorates of Iraq, pointing out that a joint medical team with Apollo Hospital in India conducts these operations under the umbrella of the Iraqi Ministry of Health.
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