Covering the central square of the area between the two holy shrines daily

The Department of the area between the Two Holy Shrines at the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine begins with daily carpet covering the central square of the area between the Two Holy Shrines to serve visitors.

The official of the central square Division of the Department, Mr. Amir Musa, said in a statement to the News Center that "the Division's staff continues to furnish the Central Square and the surrounding areas from both sides of the Square, and the covered areas with carpets on a daily basis, in order to serve the visitors of Aba al-Fadl Abbas (peace be upon him)".

He added that"Thursdays and Fridays witness a doubling of the number of carpets, as the number reaches almost (400) carpets, as well as the outer streets surrounding the area between the two shrines are being furnished, to facilitate the performance of the Ziyarat and congregational prayer for visitors".

"During the major Ziyarat, the department is developing a Special Action Plan, including making corridors to facilitate the movement of crowds and the passage of Husseini processions, in addition to completely clearing the Central Square and surrounding areas,"Musa said.
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