The Supreme Religious Authority: The ongoing conflict in Iraq is not between Sunni and Shiite, but a conflict of a state against terrorism..

The head of the commissioners and agents of the office of Sayed. Ali Al-Hussayni Al-Sistani; Sayed. Mohammed Hussayn Al-'Ameedi has explained during the discussion seminar held within the seventh edition of the festival of Imam Al-Hassan (peace be upon him), by answering one of the questions directed to him by one of those present, the question was as follow:
The most important reason of the rapid entry of ISIS "Da'esh" specifically to the Sunni areas in a clear and explicit way, to grab these cities very quickly was that the people of those cities welcomed these insurgents as heros as we've seen on television, after that these people accepted the insurgents, what is our duty towards them? What should we tell them: we came to liberate you from those you have welcomed? What is the opinion of the religious authority on this?

Sayed Al-'Ameedi answered as follow:"The current conflict is not Sunni Shiite, but a conflict of state against terrorism, when there was terrorism in Basra, the state has beat it, even in the Shiite areas in Baghdad, the state has beat it, and then, when the terrorism reaches either Al-Anbar, Mosul or Karbala, the state only sees in it terrorism, and we stand with the state not with a sect against the other, because the civil war is the worst of choices in the world as it is a mass destruction."
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