Al-Kafeel Hospital: a successful qualitative operation to modify the deviation of the spine of a patient

A medical team at the Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala has succeeded in modifying the deviation of the spine and its convexity for a patient in the third decade of life.

Dr. Wael Qasem, a specialist in spinal surgery at the hospital, said that"a 27-year-old patient suffers from severe convexity and lateral deviation in her spine and caused her health problems, including difficulty in movement and short stature."

"We performed a qualitative operation for the patient, which lasted eight hours, during which the convexity and deviation of the spine were adjusted, and the operation was under the supervision of the spinal cord apparatus for such operations,"he added.

Dr. Qasem added that "the modern and advanced medical technologies and equipment used at Al-Kafeel hospital enabled us to succeed the operation, along with the medical staff, whether local or imported from abroad, which made the hospital comparable to international hospitals with its services".
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