Cultural and intellectual events and an art gallery within the international Imamate week

The comprehensive art exhibition in the area between the Two Holy Shrines witnessed many cultural and intellectual events and an art gallery within the activities of the first international Imamate week.

The Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine holds the events of the Imamate week, under the slogan: (the prophecy and the Imamate are inseparable titles) and under the title (the Imamate is the system of the nation).

"The exhibition is part of the first international Imamate week for participants in art and cultural competitions, especially the art of painting and photography, as well as Arabic calligraphy ,"said Dr. Shawqi al-Mousawi, the exhibition's official.

He added that"the works displayed in the exhibition (oil paintings) and a photography contest are about the imams al-Hassan and al-Hussayn (peace be upon them), and there are some works that talk about Imam al-Hassan (peace be upon him), in addition to calligraphy and decoration in form of Quranic texts that calligraphers were creative in making."

According to the exhibition official, the top three places are awarded with financial and moral rewards.

The Imamate week, which lasts for the period from 6 to 13 July 2023, includes seven conferences on more than thirty topics, including (Quranic, narrations, intellectual, doctrinal, juristic, fundamentalist, political, social, educational, psychological, linguistic, literary, historical, Orientalist) topics.

The week also includes an art exhibition, and the holding of seven cultural and artistic competitions, namely (Short Film Competition, visual arts competition for young people, poetry competition, calligraphy competition, literary essay competition, art posters and short videos competition, short story competition).
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