The Supreme Religious Authority: The Iraqi flag must be the flag that the security forces raise in their headquarters and their units..

The Supreme Religious Authority has demanded the Iraqi parliament and the government to accelerate the development and execution of comprehensive plans to deal with the situation of the displaced, and has likewise called the benevolent people and foundations to continue to provide the dearest displaced with the necessary assistance, in order to alleviate their suffering without touching their dignity. And, stressing that the Iraqi security forces must raise the Iraqi flag in their headquarters and their units, calling the political coalitions in the house of representatives to cooperate with the designated Prime Minister to form a strong and efficient government.

This is what came in the second Friday sermon of 1the 8th of Shawwal 1435 AH corresponding to the 15th of August 2014 in the holy courtyard of Imam Al-Hussayn's (p) shrine, which was led by Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi.
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