On the sidelines of the international Imamate week.. Holding a scientific workshop for researchers to discuss scientific opinions

The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine held a scientific workshop entitled "The Prophet and the Imamate are inseparable" on the sidelines of the first international Imamate week, which is held under the title (the Imamate is the system of the nation).

Professor at Al-Kafeel University, Dr. Hossam Ali Hassan al-Obeidi, said that"the workshop comes within the activities of the first international Imamate week, to allow researchers participating in the Imamate Research week Sessions to have an dialogue and put forward scientific opinions".

He added that the researcher may not find enough space in the session hall to deliberate and exchange views and ideas, so the workshop seeks to collect what can be collected from researchers, to cross-pollinate ideas in the title of the workshop, which came up with the same theme as the title of the conference, explaining that the workshop also aims to convey the message of the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine based on the activities of the Imamate week and the first international scientific conference.

Al-Obaidi pointed out that the workshop includes a statement of the concept of Prophethood and the Imamate and why the prophethood and the Imamate are inseparable titles, in addition to consolidating the dogmatic of researchers, as well as benefiting from their opinions.

In the same context, the president of the Al-Ameed Scientific and Intellectual Association; Dr. Riad Tariq Kadhem al-Amidi, said that "the workshop came in the light of the slogan (the prophecy and the Imamate are inseparable titles) and on the sidelines of the conferences of the first international Imamate week, and was held with the aim of clarifying this permanent slogan, which will be adopted for all upcoming conferences".

Al-Amidi explained that the workshop included a lecture by His Eminence Sayed Ali al-Milani, in which he touched on the subject of the title, explaining that it is very accurate, which was correct in choosing to clarify the meaning of the prophecy and the Imamate, how they are inseparable titles, and considering the Imamate is the system of the nation and the safety system of the nation.
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