Closing of the session on the announcement of the names of the winners of the international Imamate week competitions

The general secretariat of the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine has concluded the special session to announce the names of the winners in the competitions included in the first international Imamate week.

The session was held at the Al-Ameed Educational Complex of the Al-Abbas's (P) Shrine, in the presence of its secretary-general; Sayed Mustafa Mortada Aal Dia'-Uddin, and a number of members of its board of directors and heads of departments.

The events of the first international Imamate week included the holding of seven cultural and artistic competitions, namely (Short Film Competition, visual arts competition for young people, poetry competition, calligraphy competition, literary essay competition, art posters and short videos competition, short story competition).

The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine organizes the first international Imamate week under the slogan (prophecy and Imamate are inseparable titles) and under the title (Imamate system of the nation).

The winners of the first international Imamate week competitions, in addition to the jury, were honored by the secretary general of the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine; Sayed. Mustafa Aal Dia'-Uddin, and the members of its board of Directors; Sayed Jawad al-Hasnawi and Sayed Kadhem Obada, and the head of its Public Relations Department; Sayed Mohammed Ali Azhar, his assistant Sayed Mohammed Gelokhan and the head of the Media department of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Sayed Ali al-Badri.
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