The Al-Abbas's (P) Squad lays the foundation stone for the al-Awfiya Residential Complex project for its members and the families of the martyrs

The Al-Abbas's (P) Squad laid the foundation stone for the al-Awfiya Residential Complex project for the families of the Squad's martyrs and its members as a tribute to their sacrifices.

The project comes with the support of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and its Senior Official; His Eminence Ahmad al-Safi, in recognition of their great sacrifices made in defense of the homeland and in compliance with the fatwa of the Holy Defense.

The ceremony was held at the site of the complex and carried the slogan (from the land of Karbala we serve the faithful), witnessed by the presence of the director of the Office of the Senior Official of the holy shrine; Dr. Afdhal al-Shami, member of the board of Directors of the holy shrine; Mr. Kadhem Obada and the governor of Karbala engineer Nasif Jassim al-Khattabi, a number of officials of the holy shrine and heads of departments, and many government figures and official delegations.

The head of the Squad; Sheikh Maytham al-Zaidi, delivered a speech in which he said that " the Al-Abbas's (P) Shrine launched in response to this a project called the al-Awfiya project, starting from Karbala to Wasit and then the rest of the provinces," stressing that "the Squad is going ahead with this project to be of great and high Services worthy of those who gave their dearest."

Al-Zaidi explained that the Complex will include the largest ice skating track in Iraq, in addition to some entertainment, service, cultural and intellectual facilities".

For his part, Sayed Haydar al-Mousawi, the authorized director of al-Ataa al-Amthal Company of the Al-Abbas's (P) Shrine supervising the construction of the complex, said that "the Complex will include the largest ice skating rink in Iraq operating on an electronic control system, in addition to a health center, schools, a kindergarten, as well as parks, playgrounds, commercial markets and a police station, and all the requirements that a modern complex needs".

He added that "the company is keen to build and complete the al-Awfiya residential complex for the members of the Al-Abbas's (peace be upon him) Squad and the families of the martyrs with a record period and with international specifications".

The complex will witness the construction of (571) housing units with full services that will provide decent housing, and in accordance with the level of their sacrifices, and it is the second complex in the series of Squad complexes that stretch from the north of the country to the South.
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