Service Affairs Department announces its plan to provide drinking water to Ashura visitors

The Service Affairs Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced its plan to provide drinking water to serve the visitors of Ashura.

The official of the Water Unit of the Department; Mr. Naeem Abboud, said that"the unit's plan for Ziyarat Ashura includes providing approximately (15) vehicles on a daily basis, one of which contains (1400) water boxes, to equip processions at the axes of the gate of Baghdad, Al-Alqami, al-Qibla and al-Hawra to reach Imam Ali Street (peace be upon him)".

He added that"part of the water will be stored in (refrigerators) for distribution to the participants in the mourning of the Twayreej run on the tenth of Muharram, and at sites near the holy shrine".

According to Abboud,"the unit distributes more than (5000) ice blocks on a daily basis to the processions in the mentioned axes, and it is transported via special vehicles, in addition to providing crystal ice to supply the water containers scattered around the Holy Shrine".
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