A medical team at Al-Kafeel hospital manages to replace the complete knee joint

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital was able to treat a patient suffering from advanced arthrosis of the knee joint.

The specialist of orthopedics and arthrology at the hospital, Dr. Ahmed Ni'mah Al-Taie, said that" a patient came to the hospital as she suffered from an advanced arthritis in her right knee joint, " indicating: we performed surgery on the 53-year-old woman to replace the full knee joint."

He explained that this operation is performed according to the latest methods and using joints from one of the best international companies, pointing out that these operations allow the patient to move, stand and restore his normal life as soon as possible.

According to Al-Tai, Al-Kafeel Suoer Speciality Hospital has very advanced and modern technologies and from well-established international companies, and this made it easy for us to perform joint operations periodically and continuously, confirming the success of those operations at very high rates.
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