The Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine facilitates logistically and psychologically the exams for the displaced students in Karbala..

The member of the Relief Committee of the displaced at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Mr. Ahmed Hannon explained to the Al-Kafeel Network the following: "After that the Ministry of Education has issued the decision of the possibility of passing the exams for the students in areas in where they were displaced, the committee, as part of its duties, has conducted full statistics of the students according to their level of studies, and after selecting the exam centres by the Directorate of Education in Karbala, we notified them of these centres, we distributed their exam cards and we informed them of the exams date."

Adding: "And, because these students are dispersed all over the holy city of Karbala and on all its external roads, and for passing their exams with ease, the committee in collaboration with the Division of University Relations at the Department of Public Relations at the holy shrine took in its responsibility to transfer them from where they are settled right now to their exams centres and vice versa, as the committee provided them also with some juices, water and exams kits. All of these procedures are made in order to overcome the difficulties and to not let the factor of displacement influence psychologically the students, which would reflect negatively on their performance during the exams. The number of these students exceeded more than 600 students."

For his part, the General Director of the education directorate in Karbala, Mr. Mahdi Al-Jabboori stated the following: "We have embraced most of the displaced students from the hotspots, and the total number of male and female students from the middle and junior high levels was 915 students. The Directorate-General for Education in Karbala has provided examination halls for students of junior high, with its three options, scientific, literary and professional, as well as for the student of middle school for boys and girls."

It is to mention that out of its moral duty that goes along with the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority to stand with the displaced families, the General Secretariat of the Holy Shrine of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) has formed an ad hoc committee to oversee the reception of displaced people coming from the hotspots that witnessed killings and displacement, and works to create the accommodation necessities and living conditions, within the available means for this purpose.
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