A delegation from the Department of Intellectual Affairs meets with the owners and students of a religious school in Nigeria

The Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine met with the administrative and scientific staff and science students of a religious school in Kaduna State in Nigeria.

The Department was represented by the delegation of its African Studies Center represented by the coordinators of the center in Nigeria, Sheikh Shamsuddin Abdullah and Sheikh Ibrahim Musa.

Abdullah said that "the visit to the religious school came in order to maintain communication with religious institutions, meet with administrative and scientific cadres and students, and get acquainted with the religious educational process and curricula there".

He added that"the basis of the study is proximity to Allah Almighty and knowledge of the true religious sciences, based on the method of Ahl al-Bayt(peace be upon them) because they represent authentic Mohammadian Islam".

About the meeting, the coordinator of the center said that"the coordinators provided the students of the religious school with a number of Brotherly tips, which they learned from their career in the acquisition of religious sciences".
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