The Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine proceeds with the distribution of the monthly food aid to displaced families..

The relief committee of the displaced at Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine proceeded with the distribution of the monthly food aid to the registered displaced families, which were forced by the criminal Takfiri gangs to leave their areas and resort to the holy city of Karbala, the city of the son of the Commander of the Faithful, the protector, who will be adversary of their enemies the Day of Resurrection along with his brother, the bearer of his banner, Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon them).

The chairman of the committee; Mr. Nafi' Ni'mah Al-Moosawi explained to the Al-Kafeel Network the following: "A special program has been developed to provide services to displaced after that they were stabilized, breathed a sigh of relief and shaken off the dust of fear and intimidation practiced against them, thanks to the Almighty God and the generosity of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), which servants provide all services within the possible means, offering to each family ready meals prepared in the kitchens of the guest house of the holy shrine, the city of visitors on the road to Najaf and four centralized kitchen in different parts of the city."

Adding: "Depending on the database of the relief committee of the displaced at the holy shrine, which includes the number of the displaced, their names, their current location, the areas from where they fled and other information that help the committee to assess the needs and requirements, the committee has distributed monthly food rations to the displaced families depending of the number of members of each family to enable them to manage their cooking themselves, providing them with all cooking utensils, cooker and gas cylinders. This step came to offer better options for the displaced who prefer to cook their own food, also because of the difficulty of transporting and delivering the meals to the large number of the families that are dispersed all over the city and beyond, and to shorten time and effort, the committee decided to distribute monthly food rations similar to what they were receiving each month from the agents of foodstuffs, including flour, rice, oil, pulses, tomato paste, tea, sugar and detergents."

It is to mention that out of its moral duty that goes along with the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority to stand with the displaced families, the Holy Shrine of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) has formed an ad hoc committee to oversee the reception of displaced people coming from the hotspots that witnessed killings and displacement, and works to create the accommodation necessities and living conditions, within the available means for this purpose.
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