At Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital: A successful operation for a road accident victim

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital has succeeded in stabilizing the vertebrae of a patient who was involved in a traffic accident and as a result of which he lost control of vital activities.

The head of the team, a specialist in neurosurgery, Dr. Khaled al-Sarraj, the operation was performed on a patient from the Babylon governorate who suffered a car accident and suffered a herniated disc and multiple fractures in the pelvic area.

"We performed an operation to fix the vertebrae above the pelvis, repair his fractures, lift the slip and fix the sliding vertebrae, "he added," the patient had an operation to open and fix the vertebrae previously, and his slip was renewed as a result of this accident, and this time he began to suffer from weakness in the movement of the lower limbs.

Al-Sarraj continued that the result of the operation is very good, and the patient's health improved after that and returned to normal, and we have taken advantage of the existing means in the hospital, which is important in the success of such kind of advanced and complex operations.
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