In support of the agricultural sector, Al-Kafeel nurseries provide various seasonal and permanent plantings

The Al-Kafeel Nurseries Group at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine offers a large variety of seasonal and evergreen plants throughout the year.

"Al-Kafeel Nurseries Group works on the production of seasonal, evergreen, shady and fruitful plants with their various varieties, which are multiplied inside the nurseries by seeds or pruned trees,"said the agricultural engineer at the nurseries, Mr. Mohammed Daoud.

"The process of planting seasonal plants is carried out by planting seeds in early February to late March, and after a week to 20 days they are germinated and separated into two anvils, and when they reach the flowering stage, some of them are put in the entrances and corridors of the Holy Shrine, and the other goes to the sales unit for the purpose of marketing them, either individually to citizens or to supply government departments,"he added.

He explained that"the cultivation process is carried out by providing special greenhouses for afforestation, adapted to suit the appropriate atmosphere for plants in terms of temperature and humidity, and the amount of water used for watering under the supervision of specialized agricultural engineers".

Al-Kafeel Nurseries Group launches from time to time campaigns to increase the green area, including the campaign of afforestation of the schools of the holy city of Karbala, as part of its endeavors to spread the culture of afforestation and education to plant and increase some trees suitable for the atmosphere of Iraq, as well as the afforestation of the streets leading to the Shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas(peace be upon him), including (Maytham al-Tamar, Iskan and Abbas Street).

The Al-Kafeel Nurseries Group receives dozens of Karbala families and visitors to support the entertainment side of families by providing green spaces and making them places to sit and enjoy the beauty of the place, in addition to providing the necessary services and supplies such as children's playgrounds and parking spaces.
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