As the first private college in Iraq, Faculty of Medicine of Al-Kafeel University enters the International Medical Dictionary

The Faculty of Medicine at Al-Kafeel university, affiliated to the Higher Education Authority at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, was registered in the International Medical Dictionary as the first private college in Iraq.

The dean of the College, Dr. Samer al-Hakak, said that "the registration of the College in the index of medical colleges in the International Medical Dictionary as the first College among the Iraqi private universities, comes as a result of the efforts exerted and continuous by the presidency of the University and the work team at the college".

He added that" the International Medical Dictionary contains a comprehensive study of the vision of the college and its approach to awarding certificates and accepting students in it, as well as its academic system and educational plans, "noting that"the importance of registration and documentation facilitates the process of equivalence of certificates of graduates from the college, and facilitate their admission to international universities to pursue graduate studies."

"The recognition of the Faculty of Medicine by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is a prerequisite for registration in the international medical dictionary, and this shows the high quality of education provided at the faculty and embodies continuous development, commitment to the highest scientific and academic standards,"he added.

Al-Hakak expressed his pride that the Medical College is the first private college in Iraq to be documented in the International Medical Dictionary in the second year of its establishment, stressing that the achievement will contribute to enhancing the educational process and community service, and will enable its graduates to integrate easily into the global academic environment, and pursue their scientific and professional career successfully.
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