After the epic of steadfastness and victory, the citizenry of the city of Amerly inaugurate a Hussayni procession they have called (Procession of the Mujahideen of Amerly)..

What we heard about the epic of Amerly, which is considered an epic of heroism, devotion and sacrifice, is a true reflection of the principles embodied in the battle of Taf, despite their small number, the lack of weapons and the fact they were trapped without water, food, milk or treatment, they stood firm in front of the enemy who is in large numbers and has more serious weapons.

And, after that God has bestowed them the break of the siege thanks to the efforts of the valiant Iraqi army forces and the popular mobilization that heeded the call of the Supreme Religious Authority in the defence of Iraq, its citizen and its sanctities, here they have established on the 5th of Dhu Al-Qi'dah, 1435 AH, corresponding to the 1st of September, 2014 a Hussayni Procession they have called the (procession of Mujahideen of Amerly, in which they provide food and drink for each fighter and Mujahid who passes on the area where it is set up.

Thus, we appeal to the media to record, document and publish for the History, all these acts of heroism, as the Iraqi society in particular and the Islamic society in general need such attitudes and these exemplary models.

It is worth mentioning that Amerly is a beautiful town that stretches in the Valley of Kor Dorra, which divides it into two halves, it is dominated ethnographically by Turkmen who are mostly Shiite, and it is a city with a population of 18 thousand inhabitants that coexisted peacefully throughout history with all the contiguous communities. It is well known with its ancient and historical monuments, shrines, Hospices, sanctuaries, mosques and Hussaynyat, surrounded by forty villages, some of which have given help to the enemies; "Da'esh" that has besieged the stricken city for more than 80 days.
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