With its diverse varieties, the Al-Kafeel Nurseries Group reaps the fruits of its date palms

The staff of the Al-Kafeel Nurseries Group in the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine have started harvesting the fruits of their date palms to supply the local market with its diverse and rare varieties.

The group's official, Mr. Mohammed Harbi, said that"the staff of the specialized group of palm climbers have started harvesting the harvest of palm fruits grown inside the nurseries, on a daily basis in conjunction with the date picking season".

He added that "the collection contains more than 1000 palm trees of rare varieties, in addition to other rare species".

The Al-Kafeel Nurseries Group contributes to supplying the local markets with rare date varieties by increasing the local product and dispensing with the imported one, which contributes to achieving self-sufficiency, according to Harbi.
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