At the Al-Kafeel Hospital: Surgical intervention ends the suffering of a patient suffering from a facial tumor

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital has successfully performed a complex operation on a patient suffering from a tumor in the upper jaw and nasal sinus.

A specialist in maxillofacial surgery, Dr. "The operation was one of the very difficult operations and succeeded as a result of the expertise of the Iraqi medical team, along with the modern medical technologies and devices available at the hospital, "al-A'raji said.

"The patient checked us and she suffers from a tumor in the upper jaw and nasal sinus and was referred to us from one of the Basra governorate hospitals, and after conducting the necessary tests, it was decided to perform surgical intervention and remove the tumor completely,"he added.

According to al-A'raji, the patient is in good health and needs chemical doses to complete the treatment stage.
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