The Road to Heaven: Visitors of the Arba'een continue their march in Muthanna governorate

Visitors walking to the holy city of Karbala to commemorate the Arba'een of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) continue their march in Muthanna governorate.

"The visitors continue their march towards Holy Karbala, bypassing the direction of Daraji towards al-Khedr district, and then the governorate center, covering a distance of about (370 km) from the first starting point in Ras Al-Bisha area, the southernmost regions of the country,"the center's News reporter said.

He added that "al-Khedr district is the First District of Muthanna governorate that received the Arba'een visitors, as the Husseini processions spread along the road taken by visitors to provide various services".

He explained that the people of the province opened the doors of theirhouses to receive crowds of visitors, in a scene that provides an integrated picture of Iraqi generosity in serving the visitors of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him).

Muthanna is the third province that visitors enter after starting from Basra, the southernmost point in Iraq, and then the people of the central provinces join them successively, to participate in the commemoration of the Arba'een of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him).
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