At the Al-Kafeel Hospital: The success of an advanced endoscopic operation for a patient suffering from Gastrointestinal tract diverticula

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital has successfully performed an advanced laparoscopic operation on a young man suffering from gastrointestinal tract diverticula.

A specialist in general surgery at the hospital, Dr. Ahmed al-Haj, the endoscopic operation performed on a young man who was suffering from pelvic colon diverticula is considered one of the advanced operations.

Pelvic diverticulosis of the colon is one of the common diseases affecting the colon and is diagnosed by Periscope and color radiography.

He added that Colon diverticula was removed by Periscope through four holes in the abdominal wall, and the colon was connected without the need to empty it or the small intestine, and that the patient is in good health, pointing out that these operations are considered operations that require modern techniques and high-level medical expertise.
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