Engineering Projects Department: we are working to support the Departments of the Al-Abbas's (P) Shrine through the camera unit

The Engineering Projects Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine works to support the holy shrine departments and facilitate their tasks around the clock through its advanced camera system .

Engineer Firas Abbas Hamza, head of the Communications Division at the Department, said,"the camera unit is considered the watchful eyes of the Holy Shrine and takes on a number of tasks and duties that multiply during the major Ziyarats, including supporting the department of the Holy Shrine such as maintaining order and central control.

He added that " the unit's work is linked with the Service Affairs Department in ensuring the presence of water in the containers scattered in the nearby roads leading to Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas's (peace be upon him) Courtyard, as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the streets of the Old City, while the rituals and processions department is linked with the unit by observing the movements of processions and intersections and maintaining the smooth passage."

With regard to preventive work, Hamza explained that the unit observes crowded places and contributes to breaking up cases of crowding if it happens after informing the relevant authorities and departments through the cameras deployed inside the holy sanctuary and the Holy courtyard, and on the roads and streets adjacent to the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine,"Hamza said.
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