The sorrows of Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them) are renewed with the Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Al-Baqir (peace be upon him)..

With great sadness and sorrow, we would like to convey our condolences to the Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them), especially to the authority of the Most Merciful, the argument of God in this time, the awaited Imam Al-Mahdi (May Allah hasten his reappearance), as well as the Islamic religious authorities and the followers of Imam Ali Ibnu Abi Talib (peace be upon them) in the anniversary of Martyrdom of our fifth Imam Mohammed Ibnu Ali Al-Baqir (peace be upon them).

Imam Mohammed Ibn Ali (peace be upon both of them) is the fifth Imam from the progeny of the holy Prophet Mohammed (Prayers and Allah's peace be upon him and his holy Household). He is known more by his title 'Al-Baqir' as he was the one to bring out knowledge to the public like the plough splits the earth and brings out the fertile soil from underneath. He was given the title by no other person than the holy Prophet (Prayers and Allah's peace be upon him and his holy Household) himself, as reported by Jabir Bin Abdellah Al-Ansari that the Prophet (Prayers and Allah's peace be upon him and his holy Household) has informed him that the latter would live long enough to meet Imam Al-Hussayn's grandson whose name would be like the prophet's (Mohammed) and his title would be Al-Baqir as he would split wide open knowledge of religion, The Prophet then added: "O Jaber, when you meet Al-Baqir give him my greetings (salam)."

Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) was born on the 1st of the month of Rajab, 57 AH (677 AD), in the city of Madina. He (peace be upon him) lived fifty-seven years, from which three years with his grandfather Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and then with his father Imam As-Sajjad (peace be upon him) almost thirty- five years, then after the martyrdom of his father (peace be upon him) he lived almost nineteen years, which made him have same age at his martyrdom as Imam Al-Hussayn and Imam As-Sajjad (peace be upon them).
His father was Imam As-Sajjad son of Imam Al-Hussayn, Prophet's grandson (peace be upon them all) and his mother was Fatimah who was one of the daughters of Imam Al-Hassan (peace be upon him). He was then the first Imam whose lineage ascended and reached Imam Ali, Saint Fatima Az-Zahra and the holy Prophet (Peace be upon them all) both from the paternal and maternal sides.

The Holy Imam (peace be upon him) was present in Karbala at the time of the gruesome tragedy of the wholesale massacre of his grandfather Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), his family and companions. He also suffered with his father and the ladies of the House of the Prophet (peace be upon them) the heartless captivity and imprisonment at the hands of the devilish forces at the command of Banu Umayyah.

After the events of Karbala, Imam Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) spent his youthful years in company of his father, serving the true Islamic message. As these two Imams were loved and respected by the entire Muslim community because of their unique knowledge and excellent character, the rulers therefore decided to kill Imam As-Sajjad (peace be upon him) by poisoning him. Imam Mohammed Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) became then the Imam of the time.

The Holy Imam (peace be upon him) managed to collect the teachings and reforms of the Holy Prophet and his Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them) in the form of books. His pupils compiled books on different branches of science and arts under his instructions and guidance. He (peace be upon him) instructed people in percepts of religion, taught exegesis of Quran, taught them the ethics of life, and used to strive very hard to educate culture and guide the people. During the course of his life, he taught the people thousands of theological and religious principles, as well as scientific subjects, and his teachings have been handled down to us. Imam Mohammed Al-Baqir (peace be upon him), like the other Imams, in knowledge and science had no equal. Great learned men benefited from his knowledge and science and used to ask him to solve their problems.

When Hisham ibnu Abd Al-Malik came to power his main concern was to end Imam Al-Baqir's life, He then planned to kill the Imam (peace be upon him) by poisoning him. Hisham prepared a special saddle and skilfully filled it with poison. The saddle was sent to the governor of Medina with instructions that the Imam (peace be upon him) should be made to sit on this saddle fixed on a horse. The effect of the poison was immediate. The Imam (peace be upon him) became very sick and left this world three days after that he was poisoned. He became martyr on 7th Dhu Al-Hijjah 114 AH. At that time he was 57 years. He was buried in the grave-yard of Baqi' in Medina. where were buried Al-Abbas Ibnu Abd Al-Muttalib, his father Imam As-Sajjad and Imam Al-Hassan Al-Mujtaba (peace be upon them), nearby the tomb of his grandmother Fatima Bintu Asad, mother of the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon both of them).

Before his martyrdom, Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) instructed his son Imam Ja'far As-Sadeq (peace be upon him) about several issues and said to him that he is hearing the voice of his father who is calling him.
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