Al-Kafeel Center for Information and Statistical Studies announces the statistical position of the variables of the Ziyarat Arba'een

The Al-Kafeel Center for Information and Statistical Studies of the general secretariat of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the statistical position of the variables of the Blessed Ziyarat Arba'een until 17th of Safar 1445 AH corresponding to September 3, 2023.

The center recorded (12,752) local and (176) foreign processions and organizations, for a total of (12,928) processions and organizations.

The religious stations reached (30) stations, while (10,183) religious questions were answered and (4009) religious publications were distributed.

As for the guidance centers for the lost, the center indicated that there were (35) guidance stations that returned (3000) of the missing to their families.

The number of Quranic, social, psychological and educational knowledge stations reached (119) stations.

As for the Media Department, it has issued (318) identification cards for media professionals through the media coordination center.

The Medical Affairs Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine deployed (24) mobile and stationary medical detachments, while the paramedic teams were (54) teams-each consisting of five members -, the number of beneficiaries of medical detachments reached (1,350,000) visitors, and the number of ambulances participating in the visitor service is (22) ambulances.

(380) mechanisms of various types participated in the service plan for Ziyarat Arba'een , including (125) support vehicles.

The Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine provided 16 fixed and mobile bathroom complexes.

The Service Affairs Department has placed (25) liquefaction tanks with a capacity of (10,000) liters to serve visitors, while stations between the two shrines produce (900,000) liters per day, and the production of a water system (RO) with a capacity of (80,000) liters, (120,000) liters per day.

The production rate of the crystal ice factories affiliated to the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine until the moment, reached (6000) bags of ice with a capacity of (15) kg per day, and the daily processing of Ice blocks reached (3700) blocks from two sites. The number of distributed Ice blocks is (47,000).

Regarding the number of volunteers, the Al-Kafeel Center for Information and Statistical Studies has registered (13,128) volunteers at the Al-Abbas's(p) holy shrine, and (6000) volunteers with the Al-Abbas's (p) squad.

The Host Restaurant Department provided for the period from (1st to 17th) Safar, (727,146) secondary meals, (1,942,674) of snack meals, and (1,215,528) main meals in eight locations.

Th Al-Kafeel Water Factory prepared from the first of Muharram (783,136) water boxes with a capacity of (60) glasses, for a total of (46,988,160) glasses of water, with the transport of (783,136) water boxes.

The statistics of the Abbas's (p) squad were as follows: the number of visitors who were inspected on the squad Road only reached (7,200,000) visitors, the squad distributed (1,306,000) meals, the number of volunteers was (6,000) volunteers, with (1000) volunteers as a reserve, and involved a thousand fighters in its plan of the Ziyarat Arba'een, and in the health side the number of patients of medical detachments reached (6,500) patients, the number of cases transferred to hospitals was (255) cases.
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