At the Al-Kafeel Hospital.. Endoscopic treatment of vocal cord paralysis of a patient

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala successfully treated a woman suffering from paralysis of the vocal cords using an endoscope.

The specialist of ear, nose and throat surgery at the hospital, Dr. Nadhem Omran, "this endoscopic operation is considered one of the important advanced operations performed on a patient suffering from paralysis of the vocal cords as a result of complications of the thyroid gland".

He added that" the operation was performed with high accuracy and without any complications by expanding the larynx in special ways, "pointing out that"the patient is in good health."

According to Dr. Omran ," this type of operation is dangerous and very complicated, but the presence of highly skilled medical staff and advanced technologies made it easy to perform it periodically in the hospital."
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