The success of the operation to remove a hematoma in the thoracic vertebrae at Al-Kafeel Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala has successfully treated a child suffering from a bone hematoma in the thoracic vertebrae that caused her partial paralysis of the lower extremities.

A specialist in neurosurgery at the hospital, Dr. Hossam al-Anbari, said that"an 11-year-old Karbala girl checked with us with her parents, and she suffers from the presence of a bone hematoma on the thoracic vertebrae, causing her partial paralysis of the lower limbs."

He added that" the tumor was completely removed after the operation for the patient and she is now in good health, "stressing that"success was achieved thanks to the experience of the Iraqi medical team and the availability of means in the hospital in addition to modern technologies and devices."

Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital seeks to provide treatment with the latest technologies, due to its modern equipment and advanced medical equipment, as well as its medical staff, which made the hospital comparable to international hospitals with its services.
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