The success of a qualitative operation in Al-Kafeel Hospital to remove a cancerous tumor from a patient's face

An Iraqi medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital has successfully performed a qualitative surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the face of a seventy years-old patient suffering from kidney failure and heart problems.

The specialist of Maxillofacial Surgery at the hospital; Dr. Radwan al-Taie, said that "we performed an operation to remove a cancerous tumor from the face of a patient suffering from its presence in the cheek area from the inside of the mouth extended to the inside of the lymph nodes, as the operation took eight hours through which the tumor was completely removed".

As for the difficulty of the operation, he pointed out that it is a very difficult and complicated operation because medical tests revealed that the patient has other health problems such as weak heart muscle, in addition to kidney failure, which invited us to consult some doctors to prepare her for the operation and come up with the best results.

According to al-Taie," the operation was carried out as planned, through which the tumor was removed completely with a safety distance to ensure that the tumor does not return, cheek grafts from inside the mouth without any complications and the stability of the patient's health status, " pointing out that "the operation was successful thanks to the expertise and competences of the Iraqi medical team, and the availability of modern devices and technologies in the hospital."
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