The Department of Intellectual Affairs receives the director of the Zahra Foundation (peace be upon her) in the state of Cameroon

The Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's(P) Shrine received the director of the az-Zahra Foundation (peace be upon her) and the coordinator of the Center in the state of Cameroon; Sheikh Mohammed Mukhtar, to discuss the Department's projects on the African continent.

The reception was supervised by the Department's Center for African Studies.

The director of the Center; Sheikh Saad Sattar al-Shammari, said that"the meeting included discussing the programs and projects that the Center is implementing on the African continent, including the state of Cameroon, and the coordinator of the Center is Sheikh Mohammed Mukhtar".

He added that "the Center implements a number of programs and projects of communication, intellectual and humanitarian projects on the African continent, with the aim of spreading the authentic Islamic thought, strengthening the identity of the African Muslim citizen, and strengthening his relationship with religion and religious institutions in Najaf".

For his part, Sheikh Mohammed Mukhtar expressed his thanks and appreciation for the warm reception, appreciating the great efforts made by the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and the Center's administration in the implementation of preaching, religious, cultural and humanitarian projects and programs on the African continent.
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