The Department of the care of the holy shrine started its preparations for the coming "season of sorrows" the sacred month of Muharram..

The Department of the care of the holy shrine started implementing its plan for the sacred month of Muharram, which carries the anniversary of the greatest calamity known to mankind, namely, the commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Al-Hussayn, his family and companions (peace be upon them). Since days, the department started covering with black the whole shrine of the Master Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), in addition to the preparations of all matters that will create the appropriate atmosphere for the visitors coming to commemorate this great painful tragedy.

The Deputy Head of the Department of the care of the holy shrine; Sayed. Mohammed Hadi Mohammed Ali explained to the Al-Kafeel Global Network:" We have started to work day and night to finish all preparations for receiving the month of Muharram, as we have, in collaboration with the department of gifts and vows to prepare the black cloth, banners and flags and placards of condolences for the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) to be deployed around the holy shrine, and lightening the halls of the holy shrine with red LEDs, which is a tradition we are usually doing since years, in addition to working on the preparation and the organization of all matters, in cooperation with other departments, in order to complete all preparations for the ceremony of changing the banner through the creation of a platform and other things.."

Adding: "Among other works we will be completing during the first ten days of the sacred month of Muharram is to regulate the entry and exit of processions in collaboration with the department of the maintenance of order, as well as covering the entrances of the holy shrine with soil in order to prepare it for the ritual "'Azaa' Twireej", which will take place on the afternoon of the tenth of Muharram, after the completion of this ritual, we will clean and wash the holy shrine."

For his part, Mr.Hassanein Sadeq from the cited department has stated: "We have been since four days processing and preparing the back cloth, by embroidering on some pieces with few terms of condolences for the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and we will hang these banners in the corridors and halls of the holy shrine. And, we will spare no effort on the service of the esteemed visitors who will be coming for this great commemoration."

It is worth mentioning that the holy city of Karbala receives every year millions of visitors especially in the Ziyarat of Ashura and Ziyarat Al-Arbaeen, half million of visitors on Thursday nights and thousands of visitors daily. The semi-official estimates are of more than fifty millions visitors from Iraq and from more than 70 Arab and foreign countries. These figures have increased especially after the (04/09/2003 AD), making Karbala the most visited holy city in the world.
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