Dynamics Al-Kafeel centre of physiotherapy and medical equipment receives the officials of medical committees in both councils of the provinces of Babel and Wasit..

After that the Dynamics Al-Kafeel centre of physiotherapy and medical equipment that belongs to the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has begun offering its services, a delegation from the council of province of babel, represented by the president of Health and Environment Commission; Dr. Heba Al-Qarah Ghuli, and from the council of the province of Waset represented by the president of the Health and Environment Commission; Dr. Naseer Daham, have visited the centre as a step from the centre to inform the relevant authorities about the provided services.

The visiting delegation has listened during its visit to a detailed explanation by the centre's director; Dr. Usama Abd Al-Hassan Kadhem, in which he explained the purpose and goal of the establishment of this centre and its present and future vision. He explained also the overall structure of the centre and the system used in its management, which is similar to those used by international centres. He also pointed out that the centre consists of the Division of rehabilitation and physiotherapy that is made up by a lounge for the treatment of men, another for ladies and another for children, a hall for sport exercises, and another specific to the treatment of patients with diabetes. The other Division of the centre is of prosthetics and support, which consists of a lounge for the initial evaluation and screening and a workshop for the artificial limbs and support.

Then, each of doctors Salahuddin the specialist in physical therapy and Celik Ali prosthetics' expert, that are both Pakistanis and working within the Dynamics Al-Kafeel centre, explained to the visiting delegation through a video presentation, the most important parts of the physiotherapy the artificial limbs and cushions provided at the centre, as well as answering all questions and inquiries raised by the visiting guests.
Thereafter, the delegation made a tour in the halls of the centre, to access and identify closely and directly the services provided therein.

At the end of their tour, the delegation's members were particularly impressed by this medical facility needs by large class of society, especially that it goes in parallel with the international development in this field, they also suggested the possibility for the people of their provinces to take advantage of these services with the possibility of the establishment of similar centre in those provinces. Since this visit is considered a part of the medical and scientific communication, taking advantage of the advanced means in this field.

It is worth mentioning that this project is built on a land area (600 m2) by three floors that can be increased in the neighbourhood of Al-Hussein south-west of the city, and it contains many of the specialized departments in Physiotherapy and health's Rehabilitation. In fact, this project comes within the framework of the holy shrine, which hard work and the large ambition continued to offer better medical and therapeutic services, for the citizens from within the province of Karbala and beyond. Noting that this project is one of the health projects adopted by the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, which is of great importance and affect a large segment of citizens, and from which will benefit the province of Karbala and the rest of the other provinces, as these kinds of special centres are few in Iraq. therefore, the centre will be provided by a group of highly qualified professionals, working on the latest types of technologies in the field of orthopaedic appliances, prosthetic devices and other assistance supplies.
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