Iraqi Shiite Sanctuaries launches its First International Scientific Conference in presence of a delegation from the Holy Shrine of Al-Abbas's (peace be upon him)..

Within its communicative and cognitive program, a delegation from the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine participated in the First International Scientific Conference of the Holy Shiite Sanctuaries, which was held under the slogan: "Iraq, the cradle of the prophets and the home of saints" at the hall of Culture's Palace in Najaf province. The opening included many interventions as the ceremony started with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by the reader Jassem An-Najafi, followed by the word of the Secretary-General of the Holy Shiite Sanctuaries; Sheikh. Mohammed Reda Al-Sa'edi, in which he welcomed the attendees thanking them for their interaction with the conference, particularly the researchers, academics and writers who have enriched the holy sanctuaries with a lot of ideas and thoughts, and he also praised the efforts of the brothers who have prepared this conference for its success at all levels.

He, also stressed on the importance of the management and reconstruction of the Holy Sanctuaries as they are not just tombs and edifices but they are cultural and intellectual platforms, and giving them the interest and care is part of preserving the cultural and intellectual heritage of the nation, apart from the great role played by the owners of those Holy Sanctuaries in the march of the nation and its Islamic and humanitarian history.

Then came the word of His Eminence Sheikh Sami Al-Mas'udi; the financial and administrative agent for the head of the Shiite Endowment, in which he stressed the importance of the establishment of such conferences that highlight the general role of the General Secretariat of the Sanctuaries in the management and reconstruction of the holy shrines, especially with the introduction of such a large number of writers and researchers from around the world.

As for the word of the president of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference, Dr. Hassan Mandeel, he pointed out the considerable efforts made by the preparatory committees in the preparation of the conference and the number of papers presented exceeded 200 research, with varied names but with similar objectives in informing about the holy sanctuaries, and he also praised the efforts of researchers thanking them for their service of science and Islam.

Followed by the words of the participating Arab and foreign delegations, which praised the conference, considering it a good omen for larger and broader conferences in the next editions.

Thereafter, gifts were distributed to the participants, then the audience went to the courtyard of the Culture's Palace where there was a Calligraphy and Fine Art Exhibition and Photo Gallery, inaugurated by His Eminence Sheikh Sami Al-Mas'udi and the General-Secretary of the Shiite Sanctuaries, then the audience was briefed on the paintings that express its originality and the lustre of the Arabic line and Fine Art, displaying the expressions of the owners of the holy sanctuaries, green domes and gilded grids in a wonderful spiritual and artistic glow, the paintings winners of the competition were determined.
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