For the first time in the ranks of the popular crowds' forces: The Al-Abbas's (p) Combat Squad opens a Training Centre for the special air forces..

For the first time in the ranks of the popular crowds' forces that have answered the call of the Supreme religious authority, the Al-Abbas's (p) combat squad opens in the holy city of Karbala a training centre for the special air forces.

The opening was attended by a number of officials of both holy shrines of Imam Al-Hussayn and Al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them) in addition to officers and leaders of the squad, and on this occasion a number of squad fighters have carried while skydiving a large banner on which was written: "victory from Allah and an imminent conquest" (61:13), while the Air Army has introduced its facilities in order to establish this event.

The opening of this centre comes to support and develop the units of the Al-Abbas's (p) combat squad and to raise the readiness of its fighters to the higher level, in order to be ready to face the challenges against any potential enemy who may threaten the security of Iraq, its people and its holy sites and in any inch of its territory.

It is worth mentioning that the Al-Abbas's (p) combat squad has mobilized its troops in preparation to move to the cities of Balad and Dejeyl, as the leaders have called the force of Commandos' Regiment named "anger forces" along with the attribution and artillery unit to support the troops of Al-Kafeel Brigade -the brigade in charge-, the orders came to these forces to move as soon as possible, given the circumstances of the battles taking place in those areas in order to contribute in eradicating the danger.

And, it is noteworthy that the fighters of the Al-Abbas's (p) combat squad have shown heroic epics in the battles for the liberation of "Jorf As-Sakhr alias Jorf An-Nassr", called "Ashura operations," during which they had the privilege of participating along with the security forces and the volunteers of the popular mobilization that have answered the call of the religious authority to defend the homeland, its precious soil and its sanctities to fight against the terrorist organizations and armed groups that wreaked havoc and destroyed the province.

The squad has also formed brigade of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) to liberate the usurped city of Tal Afar, as this brigade was formed from the displaced people of Tal Afar in Karbala whose training was overseen by a special team of the squad and with full sponsorship of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.

The Al-Abbas's (p) Combat Squad has deployed 500 fighters on the borders of the city of Amerly to be under the command of the military leaders that are out there, in addition to the delivery of dozens of tons of food and their distribution to the people and to the military units deployed in the vicinity of the city, as well as many of the field achievements of this squad.
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