Al-Sheeb border port is witnessing an increase in the numbers of the visitors coming to commemorate the Arba'een of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him)..

Sheikh Adnan Al-Ghannami, the board member of Maysan province, stated to the Al-Kafeel Global Network: "Al-Sheeb border port has received more than 125 thousand visitors by 20 thousand visitors each day. And, it is expected the increase of this ratio after the cancellation of the visa fee that is 1$, and make it for free. Maysan province is expecting more than 400 thousand visitors during the next days."

Adding: "Maysan departments have mobilized all its vehicles to transport the foreign visitors entering the country from the Al-Sheeb border port, which is 70 km far from the city centre of 'Amarah."

It is worth mentioning that the citizens of Maysan along with many state departments have erected service processions on the roads leading to this border port, to provide services to these huge numbers of visitors, and people of Maysan have opened their houses to welcome these foreign visitors and provide them with food and accommodation for free."
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