Sincere and dedicated multiple services are offered to the visitors of Arba'een by the employees of the Department of services' affairs along with the employees of other departments..

The services provided by the departments of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine are diversified, especially those that are in direct contact with the visitors, in order to contribute in the creation of a comfortable spiritual atmosphere that enable the visitors to perform the ritual of the Zyarat easily and conveniently.

These services included furnishing some buildings, schools and squares to make them places for accommodation, like Hussaynyah Asphahanyah located in the door of Qiblah of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), prepared to receive the visitors during the days of this Zyarat, with two storeys of 600 m2 with a capacity of almost 2000 visitors, so is was provided with clean carpets and necessary blankets, and a number of the department's employees were allocated for its cleaning and the follow-up, as well as a number of schools and large squares in the nursery of the holy shrine, in which tents were installed to make them a place for accommodating the visitors.

The Department of the services' affairs has equipped all these places with more than 300 waste containers, 7 tonnes of bin plastic bags and three millions plastic goblets, all of which were distributed in the places where the visitors are accommodated and on the roads leading to the holy shrine and inside it as well. Also, 150 wheelchairs were provided for the transport of the disabled. And, in order to reduce the crowding on the places where visitors leave their shoes and handbags, additional temporary stalls were opened outside the walls of the holy shrine.
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