The Department of services' affairs provide daily 224.00 Litres of (RO) water to the processions and more than 60.000 blankets for the visitors ..

According to a pre-studied plan, the water unit at the department of services' affairs deployed its specialized vehicles to provide potable water to the services' processions inside and outside the city, and despite the huge crowds on the roads, this service works by two shifts per day, one in the morning and the second in the evening, to provide about 224.000 Litres of water that can be more at peak times.

On the other hand, the section opened a centre to distribute blankets to the visitors who, were stranded and couldn't find any available accommodation, as all hotels, squares, the expansion project of the holy shrine were all filled , more than 60.000 blankets are distributed to shield the visitors from the cold at night and to provide them with sleeping appropriate temporary conditions.
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