With high productivity and quality in accordance with the international standards: The Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine established a factory for the production of concrete pavement bricks (Cornice) and the side-walk bricks (Carbo-stone)..

In order to fill the domestic market needs of construction materials and to contribute to develop quality and competitive prices, and to compensate the foreign import and raise the proportion of investment of local materials from raw material efficiency such as cement sand and gravel, and also to create jobs opportunities for the national labour, the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has established a factory for the production of concrete pavement bricks (Cornice) and the side-walk bricks (Carbo-stone) in different qualities and sizes according to the international standards. This was the statement of the head of the Engineering projects Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine -the supervising authority of this project- Engineer Dea' Majeed Al-Sa'egh to the Al-Kafeel Network.

He added: "After that our staff got an accumulated experience in how to deal with the projects that have a direct contact with the cement materials, we have created this plant with different productive contours, as in addiction to the production of the concrete pavement bricks (Cornice) and the side-walk bricks (carbo-stone) it produces also the concrete hollow blocks as it is fabricated with several templates."

The factory associate Director, the engineer Zaki Saheb Abd explained to the Al-Kafeel Network that has a tour in the plant's site: "The factory works with a German high technology and with a hydraulic and shakers systems. It is a modern plant that operates with a special software system to control the amount of the used materials and the method of its mixing, it produces different kinds of the Cornice and Carbo-stone, and placed under the plan that will cover -God Willing- the largest proportion of the needs of the side-walks projects from the concrete pavement bricks and side-walk bricks with excellent specifications that exceed the domestic production, which has often poor specifications."

Adding: "The side-walk brick (Carbo-stone) is of (CBB) type, with a length of 50 cm and 75 cm, a width of 15 cm and a height of 25 cm, its colours are of high stability (black, red and white), which means that it does not need any further coloration, while the concrete pavement brick (cornice) is produced at the factory by 6 types in different geometric shapes and lengths ranging between (10, 15, 27,7, 198, 207, 500 cm) and heights varying between (6, 8, 10, 120 cm). All these projects are characterized with the accuracy in terms of measurements and manufacturing, which facilitates the work of installation, as well as its resistance to weather conditions from dust, moisture and heat, in addition to it colour stability, its consistency and its high endurance."

Continuing: "For the purpose of the control and follow-up of the laboratory tests, we have set up a field laboratory to examine the produced materials, and it is supervised by a dedicated staff. Noting that the product has proven its efficiency according to the standards of the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control."

He concluded, saying: "Finally, the most important thing to note for all those who contributed to this achievement are two things, the first is the promptness to establish this factory, which thankfully was achieved with all its parts from the purchase and civil works to the human resources employment in a period not exceeding one year. The second thing is reducing the civil works' costs thanks to the expertise of our local staff."
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