Al-Basra Heritage Centre of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine a cultural edifice that aims to collect and highlight the heritage of Al-Basra..

The heritage is the remaining pearls of the past and the source of progress in the future. The heritage of every city is replete of lessons that can shape their future... Hence the establishment of the Al-Basra Heritage Centre of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, to reflect the heritage of this ancient city, which is characterized by being a seed bed of civilization and an enlightening source.

Al-Kafeel Network has met the Director of the Al-Basra Heritage Centre, Sheikh. Shaker Al-Mohammadi who, spoke about the centre saying: "The Al-Basra Heritage Centre is created to be a pioneering step in the Al-Basra cultural history and a scientific edifice for the students and researchers, which promote their scientific careers by an objective study of this city that will reflects its charms and lighten its features, especially that Al-Basra is a fount of Sciences in addition to its vibrant love and loyalty to Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them)."

As for the objectives of the Centre, Sheikh. Al-Mohammadi explained: "The centre aims to:
1-Collecting what can be compiled from the city's heritage of books, manuscripts, documents, photographs, old magazines, and works of Al-Basra scholars.
2-Studying the tourist and archaeological situation in Al-Basra.
3-Defining the city, from the geographical and historical point of view and highlighting its leading roles.
4-Deepening links with research and study centres inside and outside Iraq for the exchange of opinion and experience.
5-Holding seminars, festivals and conferences.
6-Holding exhibitions of books, photographs and popular industries.
7-Issuing brochures defining the heritage, a magazine of culture and heritage entitled ([Al-Khutwa] step), and a research Magazine entitled (the heritage of Al-Basra).
8-Printing books, Thesis and treatises dealing with Al-Basra affairs, as well as the old books about the city, after being subjected and evaluated by a specialized scientific committee.
9-Documenting mosques and Husaynayt in Al-Basra through field interviews, in preparation for the publication of a specialized book about them.
10. Documenting trades and professions in Al-Basra through field interviews with the ancient hand-craftsmen.
11-Documenting by picturing the city of Al-Basra currently, its various sightseeing and facilities: rivers, bridges, streets, buildings, archaeological and heritage places, old houses, ancient mosques and Husseiniyahs and shrines ... etc. And the establishment of a photo archive that will become a visual heritage later.
12-Collecting old photos, as well as the old films about Al-Basra.

The Centre consists of several units that have each its own mission, all united to achieve one goal; collecting and highlighting the heritage of Al-Basra. The units are the studies, the heritage, At-Taff for the research, the library, the media, the coordination and follow-up and internet.
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