The Displaced Relief Committee at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine continues its humanitarian program and calls to find radical and quick solutions for the severe conditions under which the displaced live..

Under the humanitarian and charity program, which was adopted to alleviate the suffering of the displaced, the Displaced Relief Committee at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues to provide various aids to the registered displaced families, which have exceeded 22 thousand displaced who live currently in Hussaynyat and some residential buildings within and at the entrances of the city.

Sayed. Nafi' Ni'mah Al-Moosawi the chairman of the mentioned committee has explained to the Al-Kafeel Network the following: "The work of the Displaced Relief committee continues without interruption, by harnessing all its available potential in order to reduce and overcome the severe suffering of the displaced, in terms of shelter, housing and other humanitarian services amid an almost complete absence of the government side. These aids come within the Committee program to assist families and provide them with what they need with the help of some philanthropists."

Adding: "With the onset of winter, a plan has been developed to distribute electric heaters and blankets, preceded by other aids of winter clothes and home appliances, but the vast majority of the displaced live in Hussaynyat that are built in wide spaces that are difficult to heat especially during these days of hail and rain, which have resulted some cases of diseases especially in children who represent the larger percentage."

Mr. Al-Moosawi called at the end of his word the government and other humanitarian organizations to shoulder their responsibilities towards the displaced by insuring all kind of the security and humanitarian requirements of these families and to find radical solutions to the problems they face due to the forced displacement that they were subjected to, at the hands of the terrorist gangs and their associates who have sectarian motivation and evil and criminal tendencies. Noting that because of all that most of the displaced have no desire to return to their areas as they have lost everything. So, we need to concert the efforts and potentials to end their suffering and to overcome the difficulties in which they live.

it is worth mentioning that the Supreme Religious Authority had called earlier through its representative Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai that under squalid and very difficult conditions experienced by displaced people from different regions of the fighting .. we call on the international and local relief organizations to expedite the aid for these families whose number is increasing day after day , and who are living a humanitarian plight as hard as we call on all citizens to stand and help these families in a way that is commensurate with the magnitude of the tragedy experienced by these families, with all possible provisions such food and water, as well as the shelter and any other needs...

And It is to mention that out of its moral duty that goes along with the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority to stand with the displaced families, the General Secretariat of the Holy Shrine of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) has formed an ad hoc committee to oversee the reception of displaced people coming from the hotspots that witnessed killings and displacement, and works to create the accommodation necessities and living conditions, within the available means for this purpose.
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