During his meeting with a delegation of the Management Institute, Sayed Al-Safi has stated: We must be optimistic... As optimism encourages to work and creates in us the hope spirit, and the state has to solve its problems through the universities..

"We must be optimistic... As optimism encourages to work and creates in us the hope spirit." That's what has stated the Secretary-General of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Sayed. Ahmed Al-Safi in his speech during his meeting with a delegation of the Management Institute in Rusafa, which had the honour to visit the holy shrine of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and which included a group of the teach staff of the institute, led by its dean.

Adding: "When the student will try the responsibility, he will feel its seriousness on the one hand and the its sweetness on the other hand, so when the student graduates he will have the true patriotism spirit to serve his homeland, the reality of the country will change. We are not pessimistic, despite all the problems that occur, we must be optimistic, to create in us the hope spirit."

Noting: "All the problems faced by the country, can be overcame by many factors, like when the professor teaches directly the students the good morals, the student is definitely influenced significantly, so whatever was the conviction and belief of the professor that would have a great impact on his students and their self-confident."

Sayed Al-Safi continued: "We must also give all the interest to the scientific research, especially those dealing with our current situation and that normally should be used by the state to solve its problems."

Adding: "When we go abroad, we find a lot of scientists and Iraqi competencies that can not serve their homeland because of some laws and regulations, so regarding the applied sciences, such as medicine, chemistry and physics other countries have surely preceded us in these fields, and it is not shameful, the shameful is one a graduate student from those foreign advanced universities come back to the country and we ask him to pass a test to give him the equivalence."

And: "The holy shrines have activities outside the religious matter, for example at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrines we have almost 6400 employees working in very different fields, we have various projects such as the Al-Kafeel hospital that will be managed by Iraqi doctors from abroad, we have established another hospital in Babylon, and also agriculture projects using organic fertilizers and reclamation of saline land. We also have created a maintenance and preservation centre for the manuscripts, as well as a printing house that print books in various forms and types, in addition to other construction projects, including the creation of a basement inside the holy shrine to receive greater numbers of visitors, and the project of the new grid of the holy shrine, which we started manufacturing at the holy shrine completely by Iraqi artisans."

Sayed Al-Safi concluded his speech saying: "All the problems of every institution can be solved by a good management and administration, then comes the importance of the operational follow-up , like we have established in the holy shrine: First administrative requirement is to give the interest to the Iraqi skills, with which we entered into significant challenges, and thankfully, they didn't disappoint us. And the second requirement is to bear and forgive the unintentional mistakes that won't happen again."

At the conclusion of their visit, the dean of the Management Institute, Dr. Batool Ja'far Ali has expressed her happiness by this blessed visit, which is considered as one of the most important spiritual communication links, especially with the word of Sayed. Al-Safi that urge us to have more responsibility towards our homeland that is suffering from different kind of problems, particularly those related to the education sector in Iraq.
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